Croatia Coast Europe 

Featured Country – Croatia

Come take a 3 minute video tour of Croatia with me! (Background Music – Croatian National Anthem – “Our Beautiful Homeland”). We’ll start in Dubrovnik, sometimes called the “Pearl of the Adriatic.” Dubrovnik is a medieval walled city that was founded in the 7th century. It’s a beautiful city with a rich history. Dubrovnik is known for its stunning architecture and its vibrant nightlife. We’ll also visit Zagreb, Croatia’s capital and largest city. Zagreb is a lively city with a strong cultural scene. And no trip to Croatia would be…

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Visit Thailand Southeast Asia 

Featured Country – Thailand

5 interesting facts about Thailand – Thailand was actually known as Siam until 1939 (and again from 1945 to 1949). – Siamese cats are native to Thailand. – In Thailand, it is illegal to leave your house without underwear on. – Thailand is the world’s largest exporter of rice. – Thailand is a constitutional monarchy, much like England. We toured around Thailand for two weeks and it was an amazing experience! One of the most beautiful places we visited was Sam Phan Bok, a unique landscape in northern Thailand made…

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