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Come take a 3 minute video tour of Croatia with me! (Background Music – Croatian National Anthem – “Our Beautiful Homeland”). We’ll start in Dubrovnik, sometimes called the “Pearl of the Adriatic.” Dubrovnik is a medieval walled city that was founded in the 7th century.

It’s a beautiful city with a rich history. Dubrovnik is known for its stunning architecture and its vibrant nightlife. We’ll also visit Zagreb, Croatia’s capital and largest city. Zagreb is a lively city with a strong cultural scene. And no trip to Croatia would be complete without a visit to Krka National Park, which is known for its waterfalls. Korcula is another must-see spot.

An island in the Adriatic sea that is known for its pristine beaches and its clear turquoise waters. It’s a beautiful island off Croatia’s coast. And last but not least, we’ll go to Pula, where you can see the Roman amphitheater. Pula, a city in southwestern Croatia that is known for its Roman ruins.

The beautiful background music is the Croatian National Anthem called ‘Lijepa naša domovino’ (‘Our Beautiful Homeland’) So come along on this 3 minute video tour of Croatia! You’ll be glad you did ! 

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